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President’s Spring Call to Conference           May 2018

With the year winding down, our schedules somehow keep getting busier.  With student seeking additional work time to meet project deadlines and on our end we have the grading of all those projects.  Time to start cleaning out, organizing and getting equipment ready for summer maintenance.  And compiling next year’s budget is always tugging at us right about now. 

While I can’t personally help you with most of this, your CTEA board is here to help you with one item.  Our 33rd Annual Rocky Mountain States Conference has been as scheduled.  The CTEA website has conference registration now open.  Plan this into your 2018 – 2019 budget, or register now!

We also have the Presenter Registration link available on the website.  Think back to all the great breakout sessions you have had the privilege of attending.  Please consider being a presenter this year.  Present on one of your great projects, or share tips and tricks that make your program so successful, even hold a round table discussion on an item you are passionate about.  The possibilities are endless, but we need you to help us to continue to offer exceptional sessions.

So as I wish you a fantastic summer filled with Professional Development, side jobs and down time with family and friends, take a few minutes to go to the CTEA Website and register to be a presenter and budget in the conference now for the 2018 fall CTEA Conference.



Marc A. Finer

President’s New Year’s Message           January 2018

Happy New Year to all my colleagues throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. As I settle in for the second half of the year I tend to reflect on the first half. The highs the lows and all the in-betweens that make up our lives don’t just include what happens in the classroom, but also the events outside the classroom. We all give our best, day in and day out, for our students and staff, our family and our friends. We act as coaches and mentors, we sit on boards and committees, we divide and conquer. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and read a chapter in a book and savor a cup of coffee (that’s actually still hot) and take a moment to reflect on why we do all that we do. Often we fill our plate so full that we forget to save a little room for dessert. Someone once told me, “If you start with dessert you’ll always have room!”

So now with 2018 firmly upon us, I’m renewed and refocused on CTEA. We will once again begin the journey to create a wonderful fall conference with the support and direction from the executive board and committee chairs. I ask you all to take a look at your plate and see if there is a little room on there for CTEA. Whether it’s just big enough to allow you to be part of a planning committee or large enough to opt for a board position for 2018. We would love your help to make CTEA the very best it can be! Those of you that would like to help out or had already indicated on the post conference survey that you would like to help out this year; you will be contacted soon by committee chairs.

This year we are focused on accessibility. Via the CTEA website, we can now access the presentations that were given at this past year’s conference. We can share out on the Community Forum page with questions/answers, vendor recommendations and accolades! I will be sending out more information regarding celebrations of our members and programs next month.

Until next time.
Marc A. Finer